Request Custom Piece

V__00A7I love working on custom projects to come up with something really special. I’m currently able to do custom mosaics, fused glass, upcycling projects and occasionally ceramics.

: These transformations are fun, quick, and low cost. I am able to provide a quote based on size, labor and design. I typically use paints, stencils and mosaic. I am located in Oakland California and work on these projects out of my home.

Mosaics and Fused Glass: Costs on glass projects vary widely based on the type of glass used. I will be able to consult with you on the types and costs of glass to give you a quote. Turn around time for fused glass pieces varies based on kiln firings because I do not own the kilns. I am typically in the fusing studio one day a month and pieces are available a week later. Mosaic completion time depends only on size and is typically around a week.

Ceramics: Generally speaking, ceramic costs are low and do not vary much. However, I don’t own the kilns or set firing schedules. Turn around time for ceramics could be as much as six to eight weeks.

Interested? Please email or visit Lady Bug Studio on Etsy to learn more.

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