Custom Work

Looking for something special? I take custom orders for glass pieces and can ship anywhere in the United States. It is a joy to collaborate with customers and create a meaningful design. Below are samples and reviews from past clients. I’m also available for furniture upcycling in Northern California.

Email to find out more.


“Loved many of the fused glass plate designs Laili had to offer here, but I was looking for a bright color scheme to liven up the apartment for my wife and I. So I made a request for a custom-made plate, and after a conversation or two, she got my preferences; told me what was possible; and off she went, coming back with this beautifully crafted piece. It now sits near the front of the house shimmering in the sunlight (when there is sun, since we live in Seattle). It’s a solid piece of work, and matches exactly what I was looking for at the beginning. I look forward to ordering another piece!” -Mark


“I asked Laili to create a candy dish for my sister for her birthday with an Ohio State University color theme. The piece turned out perfectly and my sister loves it! I was amazed at how she took what was in my mind and translated it into a tangible piece of functional art. She also did an amazing job packaging the dish- the priority mail box was smashed up when it arrived but the dish didn’t even have a scratch! Thank you Laili! I highly recommend any art from Lailibug Studios, she is a fantastic artist and very easy to work with :-)” -Casey


‘I asked for a custom plate and gave Laili a color palette that I liked. She created this beautiful piece with the exact look I was hoping for. The construction is solid and you can tell it’s very well made. I appreciate the care and attention to detail that was put in. It’s a pleasure having such a beautiful piece of custom artwork in our home and the plate made a wonderful gift!” – Simone


“I’m so happy I stumbled upon Laili Bug when I moved to Oakland. I needed a few pieces for general use. This piece definitely adds a beautiful splash of color to my home. Whether it’s holding letters, storing some coffee accessories or just serving as a centerpiece, Laili’s creation adds beautiful flair to a multitude of functions.” -Beatriz

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