Encaustic Painting and Collage

Below are samples of my encaustic paintings and collages. Collage was the first medium where I hit my stride and I felt I could really become a visual artist. I began encaustic painting in a class at the Mendocino Art Center and was immediately inspired by the way wax, paint, pastels, paper, image transfers, and pigments could all come together in this ancient painting process.

To see pieces available for purchase please visit my Etsy store. Not an Etsy shopper? Interested in something similar or custom? Please email Laili@LailiBug.com

Dandelion Encaustic Painting on OakWP_20151110_23_40_50_Pro

Mixed media collage on wood.WP_20150927_18_22_49_Pro

“Elegy” Encaustic painting on mahogany.WP_20151111_20_36_11_Pro

“To Build a Home” Encaustic collage on oak.WP_20151111_20_42_24_Pro

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