Reforging a Memento

When my dad died in 2012 it was sudden and broke so many parts of my world. Our relationship was complicated and strained, then in a moment, over forever. It was like having the wind knocked out of me and whenever I think of how final it is, I feel that same hit again.

20170715_111540_hdr.jpgWhen he was cremated a small metal identification tag was placed on his body. It was the last thing to be with him and I’ve kept it ever since we opened the urn and spread the ashes. I knew I wanted to make it into an art piece, but wasn’t sure just what. I decided it needed to be something I could wear and keep close to me, that lead me to a ring. I wear a ring nearly daily and have come to feel naked leaving the house without one.

I did some research and found a local jeweler who works on custom pieces; David Thorp of Mercurius. To my surprise, he said this wasn’t the most unusual request he’d received and in our meeting we came up with a really lovely design. He’d reshape the disc into a dome, set it in a silver signet ring, and embellish it with some tiny sapphires.

Being without this bit of steel that was both sentimental and morbid was a little hard, but the finished piece is even more beautiful than I had imagined! I especially love that I can still turn it over and see exactly what I’d come to be so fond of over this time.
It is always an honor to work with an artist to bring an idea to fruition, and Dave was so willing to dive right in. I’m very appreciative of his time, understanding, and impeccable work. I’ve put this ring on every day since and it just feels right to carry this tag against my bones knowing it rested among his.

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