I’m Teaching a Workshop!

I’ve gone a little dormant here over the last few months, but my time has been filled with lots of new and unexpected art! At work we put on a massive public art project involving a few dozen dancers, musicians and visual artists that attracted over a thousand visitors. Outside of work, I’ve been dabbling in painting, gardening, a new tattoo and even took my first glassblowing class. I’ve just returned from a (much needed) vacation to a tropical island and was reminded that a warm ocean has always been one of my favorite bodies of art.

Now that I’m back in the swing of things, I’ve been inspired to try something new. In the throws of my work and just before vacation, a friend suggested I consider teaching a mosaic workshop. It’s actually been in the back of my mind that maybe when I’m retired someday I’ll teach art classes or creative writing. But I do work at a community arts center, so why not now? Announcing…


Voilà! If you’ve ever wanted to make your own mosaic, then this is perfect for you! You’ll get to choose the colors and styles of glass you’d like to use, experiment with basic patterns, placement and balance, secure your pieces, then grout and take home a masterpiece! Absolutely no experience is needed, and I will precut all glass and prime the surfaces. I’m so excited to be trying something new in my artistic practice and I’m hoping the experience resonates with some mosaic enthusiasts. If you’re curious, click here to check it out!


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