Labor of Love

Gohartaj_2aThis year I had the challenge of coming up with the perfect Valentine’s day gift. I wondered what would be both practical and pretty, sentimental but not sappy, handmade and better than a construction paper heart. Then I had it: I would make a mosaic bedside table!

Sanding done! Reinforcing the top with a friend’s awesome band corner clamp.

I looked for an entire month to find a table with a suitable top, then on Super Bowl Sunday things serendipitously fell into place. I found the perfect table at the Alameda Point Antique Fair, and a few stalls down a furniture paint vendor had just the right blue. I took that paint to a glass store and gathered up all the right colors for the mosaic and a new pistol cutter.

Primed and painted, now ready for glass.

Now it was time for the real work! I had 13 days to reinforce the table top, sand the body, prime the top, paint the body, cut the glass, place the pieces, glue them individually, grout it and (my favorite) scrub the grout off, then finally coat it in a protective sealer. As always, I underestimated how many hours it would take so I was burning the midnight oil and cursing myself for being so picky with glass placement, but the end result came out even more beautiful than intended. Whenever I make a piece for someone I really do pour love and intention into the process and I always hope that comes out in the end result. I could not be prouder and this is one of my favorite things I’ve ever made. Gohartaj_2

Interested in something similar or custom? Comments? Email
See other mosaic work here

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